About Best Dog Food

BestDogFood.org is dedicated to providing a easy-to-use resource for dog owners to start their research to find the best dog food for their pet. Even though we have a rated list of dog food recommendations, our goal is not to single out the best dog food, but to help educate dog lovers about how they can pick the best dog food. To that end, we have researched and prepared a list of what we feel is a fair representation of what a good dog food should be. Some of you may disagree with our approach, methodology and opinion, and that is a right we fully support, and would love to hear your opinion. We are always trying to learn and are happy to change our opinion if someone is able to convince us that there is a better way of looking at the issue of dog food, nutrition, and health.

We hope that you enjoy our site, and can?t wait to get your feedback!