Find the Best Dog Food

Best Dog Foods is dedicated to bringing concise and helpful information for dog lovers and their canine companions. Our collection of information has been compiled lovingly; however, we urge everyone to do their own research and due diligence, and ideally consulting a veterinarian before making any health or dietary decisions about their pet.

Best Dry Dog Food

WagChicken & Lentil Recipe#1

High quality real chicken with no added grains.

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OrijenOrijen Original#2

Protein rich with over 85% animal rich ingredients.

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Blue BuffaloLife Protection Formula#3

Real meat always as the first ingredient.

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Best Wet Dog Food

Blue BuffaloHomestyle Recipe#1

This high-quality protein from real lamb will support a healthy muscle maintenance.

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WagBeef & Vegetable Stew Recipe#2

Finest ingredients including beef and hearty veggies in gravy.

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NutroTender Beef, Pea & Carrot Recipe#3

Wet Dog Food Bites in Gravy Tender Beef, Pea & Carrot Recipe Grain free with rich nutrients.

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